Sunday, July 24, 2011

Orange You Glad?

I just love love LOVE fiery orange, especially when it is coupled with my favorite.....royal majestic Purple! Look at the talent of my fellow artisans on Etsy.    It's pretty fun to curate and love other artists, and making Treasuries is a way to spread around the love!

I've met some pretty cool and amazing people on there!

Oh, and speaking of Orange and Purple, did you know that my Lavande et Citrouelle Soap is a real hit?  Yep, it is.  Believe it or not, it is a combination of spiced pumpkin soap with real pumpkin puree in it, combined with a sweet spicy lavender fields fragrance and lavender essential oil.   My customers at the boutiques really love it!

Don't forget, we are still having our Christmas in July sale, where everything in my shop has been marked down 20% with no coupon necessary!   It's a great time to stock up and save!   Local customers, just may get door to door service!   ; wink wink!

Providing exceptional customer service is just what we do!   And be sure to keep up with all that is happening in our studio/kitchen, by "liking" us on facebook!   Come on over and give you imput, suggestions, feedback or ideas!

Well, I just wanted to drop by and share this fiery and beautiful Treasury with you!  I hope you had a splendid weekend, and a peaceful and restful sleep tonight!


Anne-Marie said...

I'm loving the orange cigar band! Lavender and citrus is such a great combo and your packaging really gives them the extra 'POP' factor =)

Kelly Ann Taylor said...

Thank you, Anne-Marie!

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