Friday, June 17, 2011

Pandas + Farmers + GOOGLE, Oh My!!!!!

TIME to let the cat out of the bag.  If you're not involved in e-commerce, skip THIS.  But if you are, you are already affected by this. So read on, dear friend!

I was "cookin' with gas" building my little biz , enjoying a growing customer base,rave reviews, lots of compliments. Not gangbusters, but budding + blossoming just like the springtime around me.
Then all of a sudden, one day B O O M.   Nothing. NO THING NaDA Zippo, Zip. Zero -0-

Overnight I'm hidden, invisible. Transparent, Naked, Null.Void. Enough adjectives. I began digging + watching + waiting + talking + digging  more. Finally, yesterday, I found IT.   A kind Esty Seller filled us in..
Her name is Mary, from Park Ridge, Illinois, and her company name is SEOWebDesign to help people like me in our Search Engine Optimization and web presence.  Mary also has a graphics design shop called
Wings Dove.....I am planning on getting Mary to help me in the very near future!  Book your slot with her today!

Now  I know nothing about algorithms; barely passed higher math in favor of honors English, Geometry, College Microbiology which I also aced.  Any geeks out there, feel free to fill me in on Algorithms.  Apparently Google runs on one, and apparently it changes from time to time.

Google Panda Update and E-Commerce: "

I hope this little article helps you.   It surely helped me.

One one note, it is a GOOD CHANGE.   This keeps us authentic, which is something that I search my heart on daily.  It causes us to Dig Deep and make sure we are being our authentic selves.  More on that later. I promise!

Cheers and keywords and seo to you my friend.  Luckily I have found help because it is just outside my sphere of how to's.  Not only do we need to have a great product, awesome packaging, stellar customer service, a friendly smile with a blog to match, but we also have to understand market changes and all the things that make these algorithms run and now how they affect us personally in terms of being seen in the vast global marketplace.   So take your energy drink and dive in!

So fair reader, thanks for stopping by today, and for sitting a spell in My Kitchen, I surely do vastly
appreciate having you as a friend, and I mean that from the bottom of my little heart!


What do YOU think about this post?  Have you seen a change in your business in the past 60 days?
Is this information new to you?   What have you done to resolve any negative impacts it had in your business?
Comment, and share with all of us!


Kanelstrand said...

Lovely information in that article. The problem as I see it, lies very much in duplicate content which Google started ignoring since February 2011.

But I disagree on what they had to say about copyright. We live in the age of free information and if you are to be really present on the Internet, i.e. quoted, etc. you should rather release your content under Creative Commons license. If anyone wants to steal something from you they will find a way, no matter what you do! But if your content is open for others as long as they attribute it, they will! So you gain more links towards you :)

Kelly Ann Taylor said...

HI Sonya!
Thanks so much for stopping by!
I totally agree with you on the Creative commons part. I frequently refer to others as they are offering their various fields of expertise which I cannot boast, and let them have the links, the credit and the acknowledgment.

Kelly Ann Taylor said...

The only thing I don't understand is why/how/how come I just found out about this two days ago.
I had been experiencing the fallout of the changes, but hadn't heard, seen, or known about them in they cyber community.

Kanelstrand said...

Probably because there are not many tech people around :)) I, myself read only recently about duplicate content in the etsy forums and I am very thankful to anyone sharing such info!

valfrid said...

How to get Seo Illinois service?

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