Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not a graphic artist

It's 12:22 PM and this Mama is "tarred" as they say here in Texas.  The house is quiet and all are asleep.... I have made a commitment to try to blog every day...so this is my final task for the day.

Been doing alot of networking lately, and have noticed all the other bloggers have "buttons".  Today I did some work on my blog header....it took me nearly 4 hours and was exhausting due to the fact that my online program was working very very slowly.

I have never really imagined what I wanted my blog header to look like "when I grow up", but decided that it was time to get serious about how it looks online.  When you are blogging all over the world, and commenting on everyone's blogs, and asking people to join your blog, and then offering to do guest posts to everyone, and then exchange links, it's pretty important to present a good online image.

So, it needs work.  ZOE,  is there any potential at all?  I did want to try all by myself like a Big Girl.   You can tell me what to do to fix it.

I did not want to look like all the other girls; with pink and brown and polka dots and frosting on top and avatars and cartoon faces.  That is just not me.   I wanted to make it look real, but surreal.  Pretty and colorful and garden like and inviting and very colorful.  With lots of plants and living features.

So, go ahead and "Grab my Button" now!   Just copy and paste the HTML code below into your blog, and you will get this beautiful photo of Cassia's Kitchen!

this place that generates the button for you!  What? WHY would you NOT want one of these beautiful buttons!   More on that later...... Alright ladies, I love you, but I've got to get me some Beauty & Brains Sleep! Adieu!

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