Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Temptations: Saffron & Honey

Ladies and Gentlemen....I have some really sweet innocent readers, and it is not allowed nor would I want to share what my latest customer wrote to me about this fragrance, so I will leave it up to your imagination!

So let me get right to the description and I will let your imagination inform you as to the nature of her comment!  lol......

"The world's most exclusive spice; called Threads of Gold. What could be more exotic than saffron, an expensive and highly prized culinary spice from regions beyond in India and the Far East. You can almost imagine brightly sari clad Kashmiri women, picking the dried stigmas of crocus sativus flowers, loading onto Asian elephants and carrying it to spice markets who then sold to wealthy European merchants who carried it over stormy seas to serve to fine English gentlemen and women." 

Mixed with a sweetly exotic honey fragrance; a fabulous blend of cardamom, clover, musk and honey rounded out with smooth, milky notes. If you’re looking for something unique and sophisticated, this fragrance is for you!

Exotic, mysterious, alluring, complex and sophisticated all at the same time.

Indulge today!

Cassia Aromatic Oils NEVER contain alcohol. Perfumer's alcohol, which at the very least is very drying to skin, and not good to retain the scent of your precious oils, has also been found to contain dangerous hormone disrupting chemicals. Think early onset puberty, and a host of other maladies. Yes. Also, the oil we have mixed with the aromatic oil helps retain the scent longer while conditioning your skin. Why would you want to waste your precious hard earned money spraying fragrance into the air. Wear it close to you. Apply to pulse points, d├ęcolletage just after bathing for best results.

In many cultures around the world, women apply coconut and or scented oil to their locks along with fresh blossoms. I watched in amazement as young women walked to school and to work with the perfumed oil in their hair in India. The fragrance was so bequiling. In fact, men love a woman to dress her tresses in this way. It will add shine and condition your hair, keep frizzies away and allure all in the same moment....try it!

Now, you can purchase this exotic lovely and very alluring fragrance in my shop for only $9.00!    So hurry on over, or even better yet,  "like" my Facebook Fan Page already, for there awaits you a special code that ONLY my Facebook Fans receive!  Yep!  There is a 25% code for you to use there!  

Now, for the tempting palate gastronomical  adventure of a lifetime!   As if the olfactory sensory organs were not all ready scintillating....now you can have a recipe!  

Have you ever tasted Saffon Rice?   I'll never forget the first time I had it!   

It's so beautiful, and especially fragrant!   See what Jaden Hair has cooked up just for your viewing and taste bud pleasure!   Saffron Rice

Or, check out this awesome website by  Sahara Saffron that takes saffon to a whole new level  with the dessert confections on his front page.   

Genevieve Cuisine's photo

Bon Appetit!

Do you have a favorite saffron recipe that you would like to share?
Go ahead and send us the link; we're all about sharing!

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