Thursday, May 12, 2011

Photo Journal: Flowering and Hopefully Fruiting!

Hi friends!  Just taking a wee break from our workshop at Cassia's Garden with a brief photo journal update.
Things are really taking off in my garden!

My little wire cage for the cucumbers and they appear strong and healthy.

 Uh, I don't know who is watching these strawberries more;
Me or The Birds!   
(After I shot this pic, later that day I found these partially eaten
and the stem munched off.   Who WAS the culprit?

 My Yellow Crookneck Squash is going Gang Busters and now flowering!
Did you know you can eat the blossoms?
Look at this DECADENT post from Emeril!

The cucumber vines are literally covered with bright yellow blossoms!

Lincoln just isn't learning his lesson with these poor little pullets.
He has killed 3 of them now
6 chickens + (1) Lincoln = 3 poor chickens
I have beat his little hiney until I am sure he's blue but he keeps stalking them
Personally, I think he believes that he is doing his patriotic duty by killing them. 

I kept them in this puppy kennel at night and covered them with my
quilt to make them feel safe and secure.   Joe thinks I 'm a little crazy
because he doesn't believe that chickens have feelings.  I disagree wholeheartedly.

 Just a little more cedar pickets to finish off the insulated coop
and some kind of netting or top to keep them from flying away.

I was delighted to see my Emperor's Ginger
finally has come up!  Later it will produce a beautiful white flower or bract like in the link above.

Our little white Mini Schnauzer, "Annie" is pregnant again, although I tried to keep it
from happening (I really really tried, but once or twice she got out or Lincoln got out)
My my hormones are such powerful things!   Annie should have her puppies on or around May 28th.  
Her puppies always sell really well.  Hopefully this summer will be no exception.

 I was alarmed yesterday at the  multitudes of yellow blossoms all over every plant
but no fruiting yet.   Suddenly I realized the THE BEES are really nowhere to be found!
Did you ever see the Bee Movie where Jerry Seinfeld does the Bee's voice?  
Yep,  I've noticed alot of wasps but no bees.  Without them we will not see any pollination.
So I started really praying for bees yesterday, and then I decided to do a Google search to see
what kinds of plants and flowers I could import into my garden to attract the little
darlings.  Lo and behold!  
The Lavender flower really attracts honey bees, and I was lucky to have one little plant potted with lavender
on my patio and it is blooming.   So I moved it to my garden and will go to Lowe's
and buy several more of them to create an attractive border....

Have you ever marveled at Tendrils?
I mean, how do they know how to do that?
God is so awesome and so wise!  He created each
and every living thing so beautifully!  I am amazed at His wonderful creation!

Well that was a fun post!
Speaking of gardens, which I love, I made a new soap last week
and it smells so SO good!  Don't know why I never thought of this
aromatherapy combo before, but let me tell you this:  Rosemary and Lemon smells
absolutely DIVINE in this lovely combo!
It has pure lemon and rosemary essential oils in a creamy shea butter glycerin base, and I 
embedded real dried rosemary leaves to make it a lightly exfoliation scrub as well.
I love to just sniff it!

I also have a new scrub as well!   
Citrus is just a favorite of mine: always so uplifting and it makes me smile!

or, if you like Patchouli and Orange, try this:

Well, I have lots of other news.....but for now I have to Run!
The "girls" are out and running around and it's beginning to rain for the first time
in quite awhile and I have to go put the girls up!
Toodles for now!

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