Saturday, June 4, 2011

PERFUME SALE! Now through Midnight Sunday 6/05

Fair Readers, we are having a spectacular PERFUME SALE!   NOW THROUGH MIDNIGHT June 6th, Buy one, get one 1/2 OFF!  That equals 30% off retail price. Use code BOGOPERFUME at checkout for perfumes only.

We just added two new fragrances to our collections, that are PERFECT for Summertime!
These are not up on the website yet, so you will have to comment to ask me for a listing....

ciel lazuline  a light floral fragrance with topnotes of Sicilian citron, Granny Smith applies and bluebells, entwined with middle notes of jasmine, bamboo and white rose, rounded off with cedar, amber and musk...


l'eau sucrée an exquisite fragrance that is the memory of something delicious with the taste just a light an airy meringue, with notes of orange blossoms, wild berries,  and vanilla.  

So lovelies, I will be designing the labels and preparing these to list on my site, so if you want, please do comment below and I will fix you right up!

Search our perfumed oils here:

Or: our 100% natural aromatherapy living perfume oils here:

Stock up and save!

Would you like to know what our best sellers are?

Fleurs d'Oranger:
Royal Princess:
Sugar Plum & Lemon Drop:
Saffron & Honey:
Pink Peony:

Cassia Aromatic Oils NEVER contain alcohol. Perfumer's alcohol, which at the very least is very drying to skin, and not good to retain the scent of your precious oils, has also been found to contain dangerous hormone disrupting chemicals. Think early onset puberty, and a host of other maladies. Yes. Also, the oil we have mixed with the aromatic oil helps retain the scent longer while conditioning your skin. Why would you want to waste your precious hard earned money spraying fragrance into the air. Wear it close to you. Apply to pulse points, décolletage just after bathing for best results.

In many cultures around the world, women apply coconut and or scented oil to their locks along with fresh blossoms. I watched in amazement as young women walked to school and to work with the perfumed oil in their hair in India. The fragrance was so bequiling. In fact, men love a woman to dress her tresses in this way. It will add shine and condition your hair, keep frizzies away and allure all in the same moment....try it!

Never apply to wrists and then rub or grind them together. This "crushes" the delicate fragrance molecules.....I did this for years, by the way, never knowing.

Would you like to try before you buy? You can!

You pick any three and we ship for $5.00 plus the cost of a postage stamp!

Or pick any five here:

Each sample is good for multiple uses, depending on how much you decide to apply.

Blended with fractionated coconut oil.

My dear friend, may your life, 
your body
your boudoir
your bath
be ALWAYS fragrant!

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Au revoir!
See you at the shop!

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