Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I did it.......#FAIL

I HATE....simply HATE to waste product.

I mean, would YOU buy this soap?

Here is the fragrance description, 
which is named for it's sweetness, 
See it's pretty little cousin in the glycerin version sitting here so demurely?  
A simply perfect rendition of what the fragrance is like; so sweet, so feminine, 
so beguiling but in an innocent, sweet 16 
in a pretty pink dress eating a big pink cloud of cotton candy sort of way.

The main notes are Vanilla, Sandalwood and Sweet Heliotrope. 
It seems to have a fruity note in there - 
maybe a sweet maraschino cherry too?

Nope, NOT the look I was going for.  What I was going for was a gorgeous 

melange of

swirled chocolate  with  rose swirls.
Something you just want to dive 
into and slather all over in a hot steamy shower.

The above soap would look good as a Cold Processed loaf in the
 Christmasy fragrance that I am loving right now 
in the tart clean and fresh fragrance of Cranberry and Fig -   
here is the Glycerin Version and it is beautiful:

DANG IT!  (sorry)

OK, now I have ranted and raved, I feel better. 
Writing is cathartic sometimes;  well, most of the time  =)

So now I have 5 POUNDS of this soap and I have two options:


 add to my Shelter Soap Bucket:  

It's a 5 pound bucket I keep in my kitchen and add
to it all the scraps and scrapings of every batch of soap that I make.  One
Day I will take it down to the Conroe House of Prayer and 
donate it to them as they feed, 
clothe and minister to the homeless in our city.    
It will be a luscious, fragrant and
 good for you melange!

Oh well, chalk it up to experience, and log mistake for 
future generations of soapmakers.

Happy Tuesday, dear reader!   Seize your day!



♪essica said...

I don't think it's that bad...

Beth said...

I thought it was very pretty.

Anne-Marie said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, even if the color isn't what you were aiming for, these still are not scrap soap! Pink Sugar is such a sweet scent too. :)

lindsey brooke said...

i agree... i say as long as it still smells good... and still cleans ya nicely... no problem! just name it something else...

lindsey brooke said...

Vanilla Swirl or something...

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