Friday, June 25, 2010

"Po' Boy" Peach Snapple

By now, my readership knows that I am from Texas, if they are not indeed themselves from the Lone Star State.

Actually, I'm a transplant; so I have had to be introduced into this culture slowly, surely and over a long period of time before actually being "accepted" as a bonafide, certified, Texan.   In fact, I married a Texan and bore a child here, and they proudly, loudly, jubilantly, and animatedly remind me that I am the outsider in "these here" parts.  At which point, I remind them that the Gulf is a wash bucket/toilet bowl compared to my beautiful Pacific Ocean, which I pine for daily, and which now we all mourn over her fallen estate even more so in light of recent events.

So today I  want to talk about the culture of Iced Tea in this great state.   It's almost a religion.   Iced tea is served at every meal here and there are two camps:  "Sweet" and "Un-Sweet".    I would venture to guess but have not taken a poll, that most Texans (died in the wool ones), are in the "Sweet" Camp, due to the fact that they also have a large percentage of the population who in fact consume Dr. Pepper and a candy bar for breakfast and when you go to Luby's Cafeteria, their salads, some of them are PINK.   Yes, pink. Bright Candy Pink.   At which, my snobby California senses are inflamed and my eco-friendly green spinach temperament flares up to high.

But let the pontificating end here.   I remember back to when my fat Grandma from Ohio used to come to visit for a month at a time.    She would spend her days in the kitchen, baking up a storm with all kinds of confectionary sweet things to make us fat and endear us to her.   But one of my favorite memories was of her Sweet Tea.   My mom never made it so it was a real treat for me, even then the Caffeine Queen.

Have you noticed the bouquet of Tea?   I truly do not know anything more fragrant and just well delightful about my kitchen after I have steeped a giant bag of No Name Cut Black or Orange Pekoe Tea to make Iced Tea.   There is nothing more thirst-quenching (aside from water) than a tall glass of tea, iced down and all sweating with condensation to refresh you after any manner of activities.  I have become addicted......

Here in my house, we like Snapple (great website, by the way! I wish I could get a flash like that on my own website all manner of fruit and veggies floating into the air and inviting the reader to indulge in all kinds of aromatic adventures!)  Ah, but one day.....and we're getting off the subject here so, let's digress back to the culture of tea.....

So, we like Snapple and even though my daughter begs with tears and eyelashes flashing about me, never have I indulged in a 4 pack at the grocery store.   At $6.00 for a 4 pack, my German good sense bids me not.  I have caved to a single serving though at Walmart or other such grueling marketplaces, when drained of energy or emotional resources, but to pay that much I just, well, cannot.

So here is a recipe for a Near Snapple or a Po Boy Snapple!   Not exactly the same taste, but it makes enough for a whole family of 4 to enjoy for nearly a day.  So, at the cost of $2.69 + 1 tea bag, I would say it is a steal of a deal!   Enjoy!


Steep one of these bags, or your choice of overpriced designer tea bags in approx.  2 cups of boiling water.
Set aside to cool.   When appropriately cool, add to pitcher with the contents of the juice container, freshly taken out of the freezer to be as cold as possible.   Add 3 to 4 juice cans (or more if you don't want to stay up ALL night) of cold water, stir and pour over ice.

I am not saying this is healthy; and I have not checked the label but I am almost certain the ingredients are corn syrup and natural and artificial flavors.   I will be searching for a real Peach juice concentrate, but so far have only come up with Dole's White Grape and Peach but that does NOT have the same ring to it, nor do I like the taste of the White Grape Juice in it.

Oh, and, since we are talking about the singular, delightful bouquet of all things Tea, (Cha, Chai, The) here are a few products than can be made in TEA!   IN fact, here is some Tea Soap that I made with real tea from Assam, India.  Long has tea been purported to have antioxidant qualities and in skin applications, is slightly astringent. This makes it good for those with OILY skin!
Wash with this

Or, burn this in any of the following scents:
Orange Pekoe
Green Tea
Black Tea
Lychee Red Tea (delightful)

Or, apply to your skin in these delightful flavors
Black Tea and Mint (very popular)
Lychee Red Tea (delightful, Asian inspired)
Green Tea
Matcha Tea

What kind of tea do YOU like?    Comments!  Please leave comments!


Beth said...

this is a great post.

i made some real peach tea the other day too. after i peeled and pitted fresh peaches for canning, i poured the leftover juice into my tea. it was heavenly.

also, google "peach honey," and learn how to make your own peach flavored sweetener. pretty cool.

really great post.

Michelle said...

I love tea! Herbal is my ultimate favorite but love a good sugary lipton iced tea in the summer. YUM!

Your soap is absolutely beautiful, I love your stamp!

Casey said...

Well put. Beautiful. I love it! By the way.. I want more of the snapple tea stuff. [:

Kelly Taylor said...

Wow! THREEE whole comments! Maybe I should be a food writer? LOL!

Beth, thanks for the tip; while this Peach Po Boy tea is good, it is definitely NOT great! So, I will try this and maybe you could do a guest post?

Kelly Taylor said...

Hi Michelle!
Thank you for visiting my blog!
I just visited yours and it is darling! One day I will figure out how to add awesome music like you have!

Anne-Marie said...

I've only had Sweet Tea once (when I visited Texas) and boy it was Sa-Weeeeeet! You're right, we don't do it that way in PNW. =))

Rachel Kovaciny said...

I longed for years to have a taste for tea, hot or cold. I'd try it, adamant that I would like it. And I never did. I lived in NC for 6 years and never acquired a taste for sweet tea.

Now, coffee? Coffee have I loved for many years. It has so much flavor! And that's what I just never could get with tea: flavor.

But I married a tea drinker, and he finally got me to just try lots of different teas until I found one I like.

Then he got me to experiment with iced teas until we made some I liked. And now I drink iced tea several times a week. So I'll have to try yours!

Kelly Taylor said...

Hi Rachel,
I totally understand. I like iced tea and my favorite is tea mixed with lemonade. But it's got to be good lemonade. Or fresh squeezed lemon. But mine always go moldy before I get to use them and they are quite expensive now, have you noticed?

But don't you agree, the "bouquet" of the tea is what makes it so delightful?


lindsey brooke said...

oh yes! i love ALLLLLL tea i think! i'm a major hot tea drinker, even in the summer (morning times mostly, but sometimes later in the day!)

some of my favorites: (there really is a difference in flavor!!!)

Absolute #1 best flavored black tea: PG Tips
If you like black tea, TRY IT!

#2 Red Rose

#3 Bigelow Earl Grey (mmm...good! best to sweeten with orange blossom honey from florida... a perfect match!)

# Many forms of spiced "chai" (must contain cardamom)

I'm really curious and wishing I could smell those tea candles from my computer!!!!!!!

love this post...


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