Friday, March 26, 2010

Meet Amy Cox - Couture Diva from Rosella Claire

Y'all! Ya-eas ma'am, thazz the way we talk down 'roun these parts! Our rambling reporter from CassiasGarden and our lovely guest today, Miss Amy Cox of Rosella Claire; we live near the bayous and our idea of fun is eatin' dem crawdads, yes! Now, I wished I knew Miss Amy a little better, but I'm willing to wager that she has boiled a few in her lifetime, right, Amy?
A pretty Busy Mom and what beautiful children!

Did I see some of these children modeling their Mommy's creations?

So, with no more introduction, it's time for our Friday Spotlight Feature on one fine Southern Lady; a truly Busy Mom of three lovely children, a Doctor of Pharmacy in her previous life, and now a designer and creator of the lovliest children's pieces! This shop is going somewhere!

Let's get to the interview.....

Kelly: Hello, Amy, and thank you for joining me here today! Tell us, how young are you?

Amy: I am 36.

Kelly: What is the name of your business?

Amy: Rosella Claire

Kelly: When did you begin?

Amy: Rosella Claire began September 2009

Kelly: Do you have any background in business and/or sewing?

Amy: I am a Doctor of Pharmacy, so I have experience working in a business setting. My sewing had always been something I played at until recently.

Kelly: What motivated you to start Rosella Claire? (

Amy: I got an embroidery machine a few years ago when I quit working. At first I embroidered ready-made items, but I decided to branch out into making my own items, specifically clothing for my kids.

Kelly: What inspires you to create?

Amy: Obviously, I love to put boutique-style clothing on my children, and the seasons often inspire me to create things for them to wear.

Kelly: What is your favorite product?

Kelly: What are the special Features?

Amy: Fancy Feathers is bright and free! Bird print by Alexander Henry paired with bold stripes is fun fun fun, and super swingy, too! Perfect for Easter and for springtime. Custom-made to your measurements, from infant to approximately girls' size 8. Elastic waist.

Kelly: So cute! What are your business goals this year?

Amy: I would love to sell 100 items this year!

Kelly: How do you get traffic to your website?

Amy: I have a Facebook Fan Page, I am a member of several Etsy teams, and I like to make Treasuries.

Kelly: How do you juggle work/life balance? How do you “do” all that you “do”?!?

Amy: I have a toddler son and 2 daughters, whom I homeschool. We spend our mornings focusing on schoolwork, and I usually get some sewing done in the afternoons. I’ve also been accused of being “nocturnal”, because sometimes I pull all-nighters, especially when I get inspired. I can’t sleep if I start thinking about a project that I just “have” to do!

Kelly: I can relate, I homeschool our 12 year old daughter and run my husband's construction office; all from home! Whew! It can be "interesting"! Can you share some of your frustrations?

Amy: Obviously, time management. I live in a rural area, and I don’t have access to a lot of supplies, either. It also gets frustrating when I list an item that I think is fabulous and the views and sales come very slow!

Kelly: What is the most valuable lesson you have learned?

Amy: I have learned that you really have to stay at it, your business, that is. You have to pay attention to it everyday, tweaking it and keeping it fresh.

Kelly: What word of encouragement can you give a person who wants to also start their own business?

Amy: Well, in addition to the above, do something that you love and are truly passionate about. Burnout still happens, but you always want to go back to it.

Kelly: Any other thing you would like to share with us?

Amy: I don’t try to sell anything that I haven’t already tried out on my family or friends. The items in my shop are things that I would put on my own children!

I can still get your orders to you by Easter if you order by FRIDAY MARCH 26th.

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Kelly: Well, can I vote right now? I have looked all through your shop and I simply ADORE this dress! The GREAT thing about it is.......Amy is offering this dress at a special introductory rate right now! Just look at this adorable dress.........and it is custom embroidered as well!

Kelly: Amy, thanks so much for taking time out of your busy day and this busy Easter Season to chat with us today! We all wish you more than 100 sales this year and the expansion of your business! You have a wonderful product and obviously a love for children! To me, that is a Win/Win situation! Blessings upon your business!

That concludes our interview and Ladies, there are still lots of Fridays to Spotlight Your business too! We always post them to this blog, other ladies blogs, our Facebook Fan Page, and Grace tweets about 'em too! So don't be shy! Convo me so I can send you your interview today!

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