Monday, November 2, 2009

"Giggles" - - - My Newest Creation!

With this new format on Blogger, I dunno how to move text around!  Always something new to learn here in cyberworld!

Just couldn't help myself! I dreamed up this soap and could not wait to share it with's the story.
My Dad (rest his soul) loved fine dining; and every time he would take us out on a family outing to a really really nice restaurant, and lecture us on our manners, and we had white linen table cloths and stare out the top floor of the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.......

"They", the grown ups, would have their fancy schmancy dry martinis. But there we would be, all dressed up in our patent leather shoes and finest Sunday dresses, faces washed, hands in our laps, with our napkins, and asking to please pass the sour dough bread and butter.

So, my Dad would order each of us a Shirley Temple. It would make us feel special, grown up big girls, and I always remember putting my nose down as the effervescense would tickle my nose and make me giggle. The maraschino cherry was the final little delight that was a thrill every single time.

This whimsical soap will be perfect for gifting this holiday! Bring the nostalgia of Shirley Temple singing "On the Good Ship, Lollipop!" all wrapped in red curly bows and put a giggle on your teacher's, your mom's, even your grannie's face as they unwrap and smell the fragrance of a day gone by!

Sorry that the picture was not real good. I made the label myself and it looks really cool. This soap is 4.5 oz. and will be wrapped in a treat bag with lots of red curling ribbon to match the label and....the cherry!

All natural, pure glycerin honey soap. Will moisturize and smell delicious all at the same time!

I promise!

I listed these one night, and a customer bought three just hours later!  Grab 'em while they last here!

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Breeze said...

Ohh, Kelly I LOVE the story! Please post more and make soaps that remind you of these special moments!! They truly are SWEET moments!

Kelly Taylor said...

Breeze, Hello! So glad to hear from you my darling neice! Did you know I only have two other neices, and I never get to see them! So you are my favorite neice! Hugs and kisses!
You will have to try this one, it is my favorite one yet!

Why don't you invite some people over to my blog to read it? Next week I have a teenager on here; I want you to read her interview!

Anne-Marie said...

The story is fabulous and the soap looks great. I really like the color choices and the way you're packaging it. =) P.S. I love Shirley Temples (still!)

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