Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Hallow" said Wabbit to Pooh, "Are you Home?"

I guess I could never be a real author. Cause I just don't have that much to say.
You know, since I quit multi tasking and all. It seems I can really only just cook My husband calls the PC my blue eyed lover and I do not blame him. But I keep trying to convince him that I am... working...kind of. Mostly, really.

I am getting ready for a Big Party tonight in which I am not yet ready and have stayed up until 3 AM two nights ago, and this morning until 4 something.

Maybe I will have something to say tomorrow. Last night it was so precious; it was about 10:30 and my Daughter and my Husband and I were all together in the kitchen and my husband was actually helping me. He is all about efficiency so he analyzed the situation and then got to work. It was so funny to watch him try to fill lotion bottles and all but he really helped me, and what is more, his help really gave me a boost emotionally. I wanted to take a pic, but I kind of felt like it was taking advantage of a celebrity by a papparazzi during a private moment so I didn't.

But until then, I am at the last minute printing out brochures, order forms, looking at "fun" party games, wrapping soaps, worrying over my cupcakes which are still "drying" out and in general all a flutter!

In the meantime, I am all into color and this season. So everything I make it seems is a fruit or wildly colorful. I love summer! I made this yesterday: (among alot of other things.. but this is the most colorful so far!)

So, dear friend, as the Aussies say... Ta Ta For Now....and we will see you again soon after it occurs to me what content to add to this site which might either, 1) amuse you, 2) inspire you, 3) move you to tears in shock and awe or 4) add valuable information to your life! In either case, I so value you and welcome you to come stop in and say Hallo Pooh!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

those lil' soaps are so colorful and yummy looking!
I bet they smell so delicious too!
you go girl!

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