Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Never Say No....except to my puppies!

A good morning to all! After awaking very early this a time unknown, I snuck downstairs for coffee all by myself. This is a treat that only those of you who are daydreamers could ever fathom, except Miss Yablonski, of course, who is herself an authoress and an avid reader. Unfortunately, I have been physically unable to get up that early since the time change...when was that? About 6 weeks ago? That cataclysmic event put my earthly temple into a tailspin from which it is just now emerging; something akin to jet lag for thos of you who frequently traverse the hemispheres.

So then, after a reasonable facsimile of a quiet time on the front porch that was accompanied by quiet kitties and puppies....Hallelujah!......I have emerged a radiant person. had been awhile. Only after which, I had turned on the computer and downloaded email. A friend of mine, Sam had written to me.....I miss you writing on your blog!

OK, so since I never say no, except to my puppies who constantly relieve themselves on the interior horizontal surfaces of my 2256 sf home and where nothing is sacred, here I am, writing.

Like I said in the last post; I HAVE to be inspired! What was that...whether by expediency, or urgency, or things that trouble or inspire me.....

So none of that has occurred recently....but, it is good to keep a journal of one's journeyings in the wilderness wherever they find themselves chronicling.

My husband last night had a "heart to heart" with me. He had commented on my inability to focus on even a simple conversation. To which I admitted that yes, I am having difficulty in fact concentrating on anything at all, let alone on anything worthwhile. To which he noted, something must be deleted from my schedule, which, he also noted, would be a painful event for me, since I am passionately pursuing those things which I feel passionately about. To which, he noted, I am doing nothing excellently; to which he also noted that I have such ability to do so. To which, further volunteered, me, all the while, mouth gaping open in a combination of awe and disbelief, that he would finally allow me to delegate household tasks to him. To which, he also noted, would involve an adjustment period for himself and our only sibling, 11 1/2 years old who is able bodied and able minded but feeble in order to comply with the requests bestowed upon him by His Domicile Queen....and that would be me.

To which I am in awe at this point to which, heretofore, I thought, we would NEVER arrive.

That being all said, on the homestead, is what transpired last night.

Now, on the business side, I prayed for something good to happen today. Something that would confirm that all this craziness that I have been pre occupied with would happen today, to bear out that I am on track for the beginnings of a prosperous endeavor in my community and cyberspace and beyond.

Just little steps....nothing sexy....nothing exotic....just dogged determination and the pursuit everday of those things necessary to build; and keep building, and keep building.

My latest "creations". I was inspired to do these and so I did them. Then I used them myself and felt very refreshed, revived, and rejuventated! My skin felt clean and soft and oh so fresh!

My friend, whoever you true to the passions that God has given uniquely to only you! STay the course, and everyday do the things that will bring life to you and beauty to those you encounter! May the grace of God keep you and watch over you today!


Anonymous said...

Thank You Miss Kat Woman!!!!!
You know I love reading your stuff! You inspire me and I just love you so, so, so, sooo muich! You're amazing, and you're going to do amazing things and I am so happy I'm here watching you do them! :) It's a privelage :)
I love youuuu!

Beth said...

That was beautiful!

I am so moved by your hubby's heart-to-heart with sensitive and insightful and caring.

I also wonder if you need some sort of vitamin/mineral supplement. Are you missing your b's or something?

And thank you for your beautiful encouragement.

You are beautiful.

katw0man said...

awwww/ you guys are too sweet.

i appreciate you!

as far as the vitamins are right on the money. need to drive to the health food store....

thanks for the tip!

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