Thursday, March 19, 2009

Woo Hoo! Tween Soapmaking party!!

WHAT a day we had yesterday!
Little girls are such a JOY!!!
And I do believe they enjoyed
every minute of it!
So did we! Although we needed an Advil and Energy drink break around 2 PM
and then again around 4! ) THANK GOD for pizza at 6 PM!!!

All in all, it was a satisfying, albeit tiring day! The girls learned something, had fun, and bonded all the while enjoying their spring break.

Samantha, my lovely assistant got to make the bon bons that she wanted to and will again, Sam I promise! and she had fun videoing and helping make all the stuff we made!

I learned alot! Number 1: Do not be overly ambitious! Save some projects for next time! is what I came away with.... Other than that, it was great, bubbly, soapy, clean fun!

OK, friends, back to "cleaning" Cassias's kitchen! See you again soon!


Anonymous said...

I had SO much fun...
I wanted to take them home with me...
I've been in some deep prayer for God to give me a little girl!! haha.
I can't wait until we do it again....
P.S. I stole your picture and put it on my blog..go look!!!
Love you!

Barbara said...

Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. Michelle was sorry that she could not be there, maybe next time. She would have enjoyed making everything. Remember to always enjoy your friends while you can and always have fun at what you are doing.

God bless you,

Anonymous said...

hey it looked like the party was absolootly fun in all ways posebly I wish i was there becase it sounded like super duper fun!!!
Let me know when the next one is becase i realy realy realy realy want to come to the next one and bye the way i am so proad of casey for making soap and tell her i said theat please.


P.S when is the next one becase i wwant to come forsure that is if i can!

Breeze said...

Thanks Kelly for every thing I had a blast. I can't wait to use all my stuff. I gave my dad a soap and he liked it! You are AWESOME!!!! I wish Gabriela and Shelly and Heali could have been there. Next time though! Love yah! :D

Josh said...

Soapmaking party... not that is some good clean fun. haha

I answered you back in my comments again. Check it.

Anne-Marie said...

Woo Hoo! It looks like the soapmaking party was a HIT! Looks everyone had a blast

Breeze said...


Breeze said...

Ohh, Auntie Kelly I have been using my soaps ever since I got home! I like to use the one I made out of scraps and the treasure soup to wash with. I am almost down to the treasure! Hehehe

Well have a great Easter!

Love ya

(and always will!)

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