Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Captains Log, star date 01-27-09 in the year of our Lord

Guys, Gals, Fans, Friends!

Sorry for being so.....silent....these days!

When I find my photo cable I will show you guys what's been "popping" these days in my kitchen...and office....etc.

It's tax time and that is always stressful for me. Not only do we play catch up during this
time, but to add to that all the other facets of life, a new business, a new website, new involvements at church, old renters out of rent house, new renters into new house, and the associated drama of all that....and...new puppies!!!!!! Alas, the cable has disappeared.....

I have been waking up anywheres between 2 - 5 AM everyday......hence, going to bed
around 8.......

Other than that, making great headway on business plan, website, fragrance listing,,,but still so
much to do........so much, so much!!!

OK, i popped my head out long enough to update, so now back to work.

Hopefully in the next few days, there will be new pics of new puppies. Valentines goodies coming too! Just got some Love Spell, Pink, Very Sexy Men, Very Sexy Women, Endless Love, Dream Angels, Rapture, Angel, all VS dupes. So, friends....stay tuned!

All my love to all of you who have encouraged me, have visited this blog, commented, gave imput, said you would be product testers, tasters, and advised me. You are so special to me and I am contunually thankful to each and every one of you!

Sam, you are the best! And because of you, I have new hope and much needed courage and strength! Thank you!

2 hours later.....well, I found the cable and uploaded all kinds of stuff from my little camera.! Wow! 84 pics in the last few weeks! Upon reviewing the items, my heart filled with gratefulness of the chronicle that unfolded with the screenplay...... thus an addendum to this Captains Star Date log, and I will name it...

new life!!!!!!!!

first the eagles......... first sited on 01-04-09

Then, my darling friends who I love and treasure like the closest of family, saved, baptized, added to the Body of Christ and going full force for God!

then last saturday, the little "fatlings" were born.......boop boop boop! boop!boop! here is kitten this am holding them: taken just this morning......

So, my friend, it is my aim to always have an encouraging word for you! That you will find this blog to be not only funny, dry, colorful, crazy; but also informative, encouraging and full of enthusiasm for Life itself in all His facets of beauty, wonder, wisdom and awe.
In the midst of your struggles, faint not, my friend, for to him to sows, and endures and faints not, there will be a harvest for every seed you sow into the ground. This is the Year of the Favor of Our Lord! Be encouraged, and Faint Not! For to him who overcomes, that person will eat of the tree of life, and great grace and favor will be your outcome....even in drought and famine, says the Lord of Hosts!
Until we meet again!


Beth said...

you sound busy!

what kind of puppies?

i need a guard dog who can grow up from a puppy with my kitten, so they'll be friends.

katw0man said...

i found a cable, and am uploading a few pics and stuff.....
stay tuned, Beth!

i miss you!

katw0man said...

sorry beth!
i didn't answer your question,
did i.

mini schnauzer bowzer dowzer

they are so cute and
so fat!

Beth said...

that's not exactly what i had in mind, but i'm extremely curious. how big do they get? how much do you sell them for? do they have papers?

katw0man said...

i am hopefully going to get
500-600 for each; yes, they are already pre registered, and sires and dams all have papers back to the Gardenofeden....just kiddin!

katw0man said...

they are a small breed
but not teacup or toy

just small

they grow to 15 pounds or so.

my little girl is a
moooooch to the max
and she eats alot

but 15 pounds is about max
for this particular breed!

Jess said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jess said...

okay kat- i can give you a little html help on your header - email me at clarkfamily96 at yahoo dot com and tell me what you want changed?

katw0man said...

you are quite the gal!

thanks so much!

now it doesn't look like
christmas anymore!!!!

thank you!

Mommy Mere Pete said...

how goes it now!! Missing you!! How are the puppies?? Love you!!!

Anne-Marie said...

I wanted to thank you for sharing your 2009 goals on my blog. I just wanted to check in with you to see how you were doing with your goals so far in '09. Hope all is well!

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