Thursday, December 4, 2008

ticking off list....aire care bears, aroma ornaments

ok, so on my list, among 1,000 other things: make more aroma ornaments, and a wax filled bear. wow. my kitchen smells great! this bear is done is orange and clove. note messy cooktop. he looks like he is sitting on the......but he is dripping into pouring pot. notice wax on stove. took him outside to fluff and comb. now there is wax all over floor. note to self: mop floor again.....

now to let him dry and find a cute little bow for him and some wrapping. need good ideas.

next up, aroma ornaments or car fresheners. these little puppies are cute, festive and smell great. scent: dickens christmas. just like old fashioned. can you believe what "swankee pankee" charges for their fresheners? i REFUSE to make my customers carry around my advertising on their cars, tee shirts, bottles, jars. etc. who wants a picture of a candle hanging on their rear view mirror? i don't. must make a hole and add ribbon and voila!

an ornament for your fake tree or a teacher, or a closet, drawer, or your beloved rear view dingle ball mirror. cheers!

the doorbell just rang.....UPS!!! it's christmas and just got my VS dupes.....

Verifiably Scintillating......can you guess....very sizzling, Creme Brulee, cheesecake, and wow! they love me. about 10 free samples! yeah!

next project, after I pick up kitten at school: cupcake bath fizzie bombs.

this will be interesting. but first, must call Tanner Mardis who is helping me with labels, which are priority.

stay tuned fans,,,,, LOL. falling out of my chair down drunk laughing....yeah.


Mommy Mere Pete said...

Hey I'm a fan!!!!!!!!! Are you still helping Batman with Taylor Construction???? WOW ~ YOU ARE A SUPER HERO!!!

katw0man said...

batman is feeling rejected right about now. bur christmas will pass and things will die down to a dull roar. i do also work for taylor construction. I will get busier as tax time cometh!

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